The Art of Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs

I have studied over 100 entrepreneur families, read tons of books and studies, listened to hundreds of interviews and podcasts, spoke with experts across numerous fields like psychologists, child psychologists, nutritionist, sex therapists, professional athletes, world-class coaches, and many more to get the answer to one big question:  “what is the biggest pain point in managing a business and managing a family?”

The resounding top two answers were:

  1. Guilt (Due to stress)

  2. Lack of mindfulness (being present)

While these issues span across pretty much every parent and every high performing career person, it is ever more present with the always-on entrepreneur.

Why? Because they can’t disconnect. They can’t turn off the work switch when it’s needed. They lose sleep, create unhealthy habits, and put their most important relationships on the back burner in place of what they think requires the most attention: their business.

This is why I’ve created a quick-read guide to teach you how to become a more mindful person both for your family and for your team. In this guide, you will learn ten ways to be more present in your day from creating a morning ritual to learning how never to eat alone.

 Check it out. Once you've read it, leave a comment below and let me know what you've learned or have been able to implement.