How This Mompreneur Overcomes Guilt: I gave myself a guilt lobotomy.

I first met Steffani at a summer camp for entrepreneurs (I know, how exciting, right?) She struck me as a confident, outgoing, loving and super fun woman. We hit it off right away enjoying talks and adult beverages dockside in backcountry Connecticut.

Since our first chats, she has gone on to launch her coaching business and author a best selling book as while raising two kids and living her life full out with her hubby in Chicago. Read on to learn how she overcame 'mom guilt' and what she does to avoid all the noise.

What do you do?

I'm an author, a speaker, and a Happiness Coach. I help ambitious, driven moms shift their mindset, improve their relationships and find more lasting happiness.

What's your zone of genius?

My zone of genius is helping Moms find the root of the limiting beliefs that are holding them back. Then shift them and get rid of them so they can step fully into their higher selves. I also love to help Moms see things from a soul experience rather than a surface level human being experience.

How do you manage running a business and raising a family?

I ask for a lot of help. :)

From family and friends and I outsource as much as humanly possible. When I first started a business, I tried to do IT ALL alone. Run my business, manage my household, be the primary parent, I was also working a full-time job and trying to be a wife and sister and friend and daughter. I realized early on that was too much for one person to tackle. So I worked on 'allowing' help and asking for the help that I needed. When I got good at that, I believed in myself more, and that's when I started outsourcing more. I outsource EVERYTHING that I don't love to do. It's been a compelling process that has moved my business and life to the next level.

I outsource EVERYTHING that I don't love to do. - Steffani LeFevour

How do you overcome the guilt of being a mom and an entrepreneur?

I don't buy into it. Meaning, I had to permit myself to do both, first and foremost. Once I gave myself permission I went after it with more confidence and certainty. I don't like to conform to what society tries to push on me. I never have. And society saying "it's not ok to work and be a mom" that's what's not ok for me. The fact that what "they" think is dictating how I live. So I don't buy into guilt. I gave myself a guilt lobotomy. I removed any guilt from my mind so I can live the way my heart is guiding me to live.

Do you have any tips for moms who are new to entrepreneurship?

Get focused on your craft. Take time daily to practice what you do, what you LOVE to do. Become obsessed with it so you can master it. And outsource anything and everything that you don't love. When you can remove the 'hate to's' and the 'have to's' and do the love to's that's when your business can really take off.

When you can remove the 'hate to's' and the 'have to's' and do the love to's that's when your business can really take off. Steffani LeFevour

Anything else you could add?

I don't think enough women focus on their 'state,' meaning the energy with which they approach everything. For me, everything starts with the state I bring to the table. The belief, the energy, the attention, the commitment, the certainty. All of that matters. So I focus on my state first. And then the rest comes more natural. :)

About Steffani LeFevour

Steffani’s passion and purpose is to help busy women transform their relationships with themselves, their partners, their kids and their coworkers, and live a happier life on a daily basis.
She is the author the international bestseller You Are a Badass Mom.

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