The Family Systems Playbook: Answers Every Parent Should Have for Their Family

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Hunny, what’s the number for the plumber?

What is the kids' bus number? I think there is a delay today.

We need a sitter tonight, who should I call?

These questions are often heard in household across America today. It’s frustrating that many don’t have manuals or even a notebook to pull from. This is why I have created the Family Playbook. An easy to use document where you can store all your important family information, including the things you don’t think about, or don’t want to think about, but are extremely important like: living wills, funeral wishes, immunization records, blood type and more. 

How to use this Google Spreadsheet:

  • Step 1 - open the document, click file, then ‘make a copy’. This copy is now yours and no one should have access to it unless you allow them to OR the page will automatically prompt you to make a copy. go ahead and click "Make a copy".
  • Step 2 - go through the tabs along the bottom to get a sense of what is in there.
  • Step 3 -  remove any documents that aren’t relevant to your family. 
  • Step 4 - Share the document with family members, friends, your lawyer and anyone else that may need access to this information.

Please note, since there may be some sensitive data included in your document make sure you trust the people you are sharing with. To limit accessibility when sharing, click File, then add the person's email address to the “people” section at the bottom of the window. On the right-hand side, click on the pencil to assign them certain privileges.

In your own playbook, feel free to add anything your family needs that may not be listed already. Keep in mind that this is something that should be easily accessible. Download the Sheets app to your phone for quick access and bookmark your document on your browser. Whenever you make any major updates to the document, be sure to ping those that need to know about the update. 

How to create a new document

Simply duplicate the template to use again and be sure to update the page number. There are three file types: References, procedures and templates. Update your content accordingly.  

Screenshot 2017-12-05 10.01.23.png

Update Status as Work Progresses

In the dropdown menu under status, be sure to update the status of your sheet or document and add any relevant notes to the spreadsheet. 

Refer to this document weekly 

During your weekly family meetings, make sure this playbook is up to date and discuss any issues that may arise. 

There you have it. The first major step to family organization and more FREEDOM!!