Here is something a little crazy about me: 

I had two babies, moved twice, launched two businesses in two years! 

And I survived!

Some call me crazy. I just say I’m highly organized. :)

At the height of the craziness, my business was booming [PR Agency], which meant that I was on call 24/7. I wasn’t very well rested, and my family life and personal health were beginning to be affected. 

Happiness at this point felt like finding the needle in the haystack. Impossible.

It took hitting rock bottom with my health, my sleep, my relationships and ultimately my happiness for me to
turn things around. So I set out to create systems and procedures for my family life that have, over the course of the last six years, become the Family Academy.

I would never have guessed this was where my compass was leading me; becoming a coach, creating a community
of like-minded entrepreneur families, and offering some of the most incredible content for high performing couples and families.

The programs offered have already helped hundreds achieve deeper connections with themselves, their
partners and their kids. From losing weight, to gaining back the intimacy in their marriage, to finally having a great relationship with their kids.

I hope to be the lighthouse for all entrepreneur families to gaining more freedom in their lives.